The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Bransby Horses: A trip for Little Mudlet

One of the younger horses at the ‘Meet the Foals’ event.

Even though she has never ridden one in her life, Little Mudlet is horse mad! I think this mostly stems from her hero worshipping of her adored oldest sister, Eldest Mudlet, who, as regular readers of my blog know, has her own rather special horse called Prince. Whenever she speaks to Eldest Mudlet, it is always Prince Little Mudlet asks about first, firing question after question about his wellbeing and what he’s been up to and it can be some time before she remembers to ask after her sister and her sisters’ fiancé. Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

When endo’ cramps forced Eldest Mudlet to take a rest in the field, Prince came over to check on her and kept her company for 10 to 15 minutes. She set her phone up on the barrow and started to film and managed to catch this beautiful moment which clearly shows the strong bond and affection that has developed between them in the three years since she bought him.

She is his world and he is hers.