The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Return to Wragby Maze

One of the three 9-hole putting greens

At the start of one of the three 9-hole putting greens

Back in May 2013, Mud and I took the girls on a surprise visit to Wragby Maze, an attraction about one and a half hours from us which both girls had been asking to visit for the best part of a year. We had a fantastic time that day, finding it great value for money, tremendous fun, with friendly welcoming staff. Our only regret was that we hadn’t brought a picnic with us and so as we left we promised the girls that we would go back with a picnic and make a real day of it. Unfortunately, since then, every time we have planned the return trip the weather has let us down and we have had to postpone the trip several times over the last three years …….. until this week when with the weather set to be nice and warm for the early part of the week, we seized the opportunity and Tuesday morning set out for the maze. Continue reading


A Hill to climb

The view back over the Humber

The view back over the Humber

Not too far from our village, is a hill which has become synonymous in my mind, with my year so far, specifically in relation to my health. It’s quite a steep hill which takes you up to the lane which runs along the top of the valley, giving spectacular views over the Humber and surrounding fields. It’s a hill that I really want to be able to climb but not on foot …… no, this hill is one that I want to be able to cycle up! Continue reading

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On the road again

Views like this can't help but inpsire

Views like this can’t help but inspire

Back in 2014, when Mud first suggest that we all get bikes and start going out on them as a family to try to get fit, I thought he was mad. I hadn’t been on a bike for over thirty years and the last time I had ridden one, I had come off, in spectacular style, by performing a flying dismount over the handlebars! Brushing aside my concerns, Mud ploughed on and I soon found myself the dubious owner of a rather lovely Pendleton Brooke Hybrid bike, complete with wicker basket and snazzy mud guards. Continue reading


Back on my bike

Perfect weather for bikes

Perfect weather for bikes

Back in April/May last year, when Mud first suggested that he and I also got a new bike each, so that we could go out for family bike rides, I reluctantly agreed. Very reluctantly to be honest, as I hadn’t been on a bike for over 30 years and my last memory of this childhood past time involved sailing over the handlebars, at great speed and landing in an undignified heap, at the feet of a boy I had the biggest crush on. Embarrassment outweighed physical pain at that point but didn’t last long, with the agonizing sensation of knees and elbows scraped almost to the bone by the rough tarmac, soon taking charge and surpassing the mortification factor by a country mile. As far as I can remember, that was the last time I ever rode a push bike, not the fondest memory, I’m sure you will agree. Continue reading