The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Bransby Horses: A trip for Little Mudlet

One of the younger horses at the ‘Meet the Foals’ event.

Even though she has never ridden one in her life, Little Mudlet is horse mad! I think this mostly stems from her hero worshipping of her adored oldest sister, Eldest Mudlet, who, as regular readers of my blog know, has her own rather special horse called Prince. Whenever she speaks to Eldest Mudlet, it is always Prince Little Mudlet asks about first, firing question after question about his wellbeing and what he’s been up to and it can be some time before she remembers to ask after her sister and her sisters’ fiancé. Continue reading

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Return to Wragby Maze

One of the three 9-hole putting greens

At the start of one of the three 9-hole putting greens

Back in May 2013, Mud and I took the girls on a surprise visit to Wragby Maze, an attraction about one and a half hours from us which both girls had been asking to visit for the best part of a year. We had a fantastic time that day, finding it great value for money, tremendous fun, with friendly welcoming staff. Our only regret was that we hadn’t brought a picnic with us and so as we left we promised the girls that we would go back with a picnic and make a real day of it. Unfortunately, since then, every time we have planned the return trip the weather has let us down and we have had to postpone the trip several times over the last three years …….. until this week when with the weather set to be nice and warm for the early part of the week, we seized the opportunity and Tuesday morning set out for the maze. Continue reading

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Golden Horses, Lambs Galore and Sneaky Bunnies

A trip down memory lane for Mud and I: both the girls loved the carousel.

A trip down memory lane for Mud and I: both the girls loved the carousel.

Elsham Hall is not too far from Mudville but in the 14 years we’ve lived here, we’ve only visited it once and that was some 8 years ago, when little Mudlet was not quite two and Middle Mudlet was a mere slip of a thing at just 4 years old. So we were curious to see just how much it had changed when we decided to visit it on Easter Sunday. Every year the Hall hosts a Lambing event over the Easter Weekend and we thought that this would be a great opportunity to combine the spectacle of lambing with a meander around the grounds. Continue reading

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Out and about with the Mudlets (part 2)

I thought this tree looked like a clenched fist

I thought that the top of this tree looked like an open hand.

With the good weather continuing, Mud and I decided to make the most of it and take the girls somewhere more local for a trip out. We settled on another favourite haunt, The Pink Pig which is a local farm shop and which we knew from previous visits, had a  farm trail and outdoors play area, the latter two items being accessible on payment of a small charge of £2.50 per person. In addition, there was a nice little cafe attached to the shop in which we would be able to get a coffee and something to eat. Continue reading