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A whizz and a pop

One of the discreet Fountains which the girls loved so much

One of the discreet Fountains which the girls loved so much

We don’t usually do fireworks in the garden but we have endured for years the inconsideration of a certain neighbour who, it seems, thinks it is acceptable to launch industrial strength rockets, from his postage stamp sized back garden, in the general direction of our house, regardless of prevailing weather conditions. Such is the need for this particular neighbour to prove how fabulous he is, on many a Guy Fawkes night he has shown total disregard and lack of respect for the village recreation group and has timed his private display to run at the same time as the village display, often drowning it out due to the size, strength and number of fireworks at his disposal.

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……. and things that go bang in the night!

It’s strange the tricks the passage of time can play on the memory and how you can be so convinced that the way you remember a certain event, happening or item is, in fact the truth. Somehow, for some reason, everybody else is wrong.

As a child, for instance, Halloween was the last night of October and Bonfire Night was always on the 5th of November. By and large, people didn’t have their own personal displays: we all wrapped up warm and trudged to the local organised event instead. Fireworks were too expensive for every man and his dog to buy. Continue reading