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The Hanging Gardens of Mudville

The lowest runners on these off shoots, have rooted into the pots below

The lowest runners on these off shoots, have now rooted into the pots below

Regular readers of this blog (poor misguided souls that you are) will probably be aware that we have a healthy number of strawberry plants which produce a pleasing number of berries from early Spring, through to late summer. I seem to think that at last count we had in the region of around 120 plants which Middle Mudlet thought was more than enough and any more would just be plain greedy.

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Strawberries, ants and little helpers

We have strawberries!!!!

We have strawberries!!!!

With some of my strawberry plants flowering and a few already carrying the first of this years strawberries, albeit newly developed little yellow berries, I really couldn’t put off the job of tidying, trimming and repotting the plants, any longer. I don’t really have space for all my strawberry plants in the beds and so the vast majority of them are growing in a variety of pots and tubs, although there are 3 in permanent residence in each of the half barrels. All of them though, from last years runners, to the older, more established plants, were looking a tad neglected and so with the sun shining, I set about rectifying the situation.

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Mum knew best ….. return to the high street

I remember a time when the weekly shop took the best part of a Saturday morning or afternoon to complete.

What's left of the fruit from the market

What’s left of the fruit from the market

When mums dragged their offspring along to act as bag carriers and item spotters.

When the shop keepers knew your name and what you liked to buy because you visited the same shops every week.

When the promise of a cola or lemonade and a cream bun in the local cafe, once all of the items on the seemingly never ending shopping list had finally been found and purchased, was the only incentive you needed to keep up with your mum and try not to squabble with your sibling because failure on either count would result in a direct route to the bus stop/car park …….. do not pass go (or the tea shop) and do not collect cream bun en route. Continue reading