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Thunder and lightning …… oh and hailstones too!

The potato stems took a bit of a battering in the bags …..

Even as a child I wasn’t fond of thunder, preferring to take refuge under my bed covers, fingers in my ears, assuring my teddy bears and dolls that there was nothing to be scared of. Nowadays, as a parent I have to present a confident and untroubled front, not always easy when each bang and flash brings back that urge to hide. Continue reading

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Homegrown Wednesday

20180612 sweet william flower

Sweet William flower cluster

A few years ago I sowed some Sweet William seed and dotted around my garden are three or four mature specimens from this sowing. I get a huge sense of satisfaction watching seeds I sowed turn to seedlings and mature into healthy plants and there is a real joy in seeing flowering plants come back stronger year after year and as a tribute to these beautiful plants I’m sharing this picture of one of the stars of my garden, a glorious, cluster of deep pink Sweet William flowers.



A spade’s a spade …… unless it’s MY spade!

Our pretty bird-scarer and the view across the garden

A couple of months ago Mud had some jobs to do in the garden, some ‘house maintenance’ type jobs and not the vegetable garden kind. He hadn’t been outside long when I heard cursing. An enquiry as to the cause of his disgruntlement elicited the response that he’d broken his spade ……. no! Wait! Let me rephrase that …… he had broken A spade. Continue reading


Vine Weevils, a right royal pain!

The gardening term for this image is …… uck! Uck! UCK!

Saturday evening, Mud discovered that one of our Spider Web plants hadn’t been killed off by the cold snap but rather that a veritable army of Vine Weevil larvae had been steadily munching their way through the intricate web of fine roots, leaving only the mature main root and condemning the once majestic plant which has now been consigned to the rubbish heap. There’s something quite sad about being able to lift the remains of what was a large and thriving plant out of it’s planter, with one hand and minimal effort. Continue reading


Out to the greenhouse

No room at this inn ……

With the warm and sunny weather continuing throughout this week and the seedlings in the propagators quickly outgrowing their nursery conditions, I made the decision to start moving the plants into the greenhouse and have been steadily potting them on, one tray at a time, and already the larger greenhouse is almost full. Mud has informed me more than once that we will no doubt find ourselves in the midst of another freezing cold spell in a day or two but, as Middle Mudlet was happy to point out, that’s what horticultural fleece is for and we have enough to provide protection for everything in the greenhouses. Continue reading

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Gardening outside ……. finally!

Time for some tidying and sorting

Sunshine and warmth has finally returned to Mudville (in the short term at least), so Middle Mudlet and I have made a start on getting the beds ready, potatoes planted and parsnip and carrot seeds sown. Continue reading


Seeds, seedlings and a tin of Red Roses

I fell for the ‘Scardy Cat’ label

Every year there comes a point where every available windowsill in the house is home to seeds and/or seedlings because I need to get on with this years crops but it is far too cold to be setting seed in the greenhouses and if I wait any longer then many of the vegetables won’t be ready before the growing season comes to an end. Continue reading

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Then there are the ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees

A future Mudville Christmas tree may be cocooned in this pod

During our visit to Fillinghams’ Christmas Tree farm back in December, I spotted some packets of ‘Grow-your-own’ Christmas Trees for the bargain price of 99p each. I thought that these would be a fun thing for the youngest Mudlets to try to grow, so we paid for two of them and the girls were delighted with this extra purchase. All through Christmas the pods were proudly kept with their sleigh gifts and Christmas toys, waiting for the day when we could plant them …… and that day was today. Continue reading

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A surprise from my garden

A pleasant surprise

I haven’t planted much in my garden this year, some potatoes in potato bags and tubs, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies in the greenhouses. Pots of strawberries have been left to their own devices with the minimum of attention, providing us with a lovely crop of berries earlier this year and the rhubarb has grown bigger than ever and is now ready for splitting with a section destined for the school garden. Continue reading