The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again


I want to ride my bicyle, I want to ride my bike …..

The Tops If you look back to this time last week and the forecast for the approaching Bank Holiday weekend wasn’t at all what Mud had been hoping for. With my Series 3 Land Rover, Annie, still needing her head gasket replacing and Mud wanting to be out and about on his new bike (with and/or without the rest of us in tow), predictions of cold weather, the risk of snow, possibly rain, left him in full grumpy old man mode, especially as he had booked Friday off so that he could have a very long weekend and get some key jobs done. Of course the situation wasn’t at all helped by the fact that he has been trying to cut down on the number of cigarettes he smokes which has left his mood a little …. er …. shall we say …. fractious at times over the last couple of weeks.

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On your bike!

Beautiful, traditional and very comfy to ride.

Beautiful, traditional and very comfy to ride.

Let’s be clear on one very important fact ….. I am no spring chicken! Most days I feel ancient (about 500 years old). My joints ache and if it weren’t for the wonder of modern hair dyes, I’d be very, very grey …… but then I did start going grey in my early thirties and (as any land rover owners wife will tell you) I do have extenuating circumstances.

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