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The holly and the ivy …. oh, and a lot of laurel.

We’ve had glorious sunny, albeit a bit cold, weather over the last couple of days and I could easily believe that spring is just around the corner but for the knowledge that, in recent years, things have never been that simple and it is more than possible to have snow over Easter and frosts in mid May.

Log BurnerSaturday, for example, was so bitterly cold, that we had the log burner roaring away in the lounge, as a secondary heating source, supporting the solid fuel Rayburn which has the job of heating all our hot water, as well as 4 radiators and cooking our food. It was a lovely nostalgic sight though, with the stove door open and coals burning away , emulating the terribly inefficient open fire that had been in situ when we moved in 10 years ago. We were all quite cosy and toasty warm, with Mud and the Mudlets trying to see ‘pictures’ in the flames. Continue reading