The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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A Prince in Flight

Gently, gently catchee rider

It has been over two years since Eldest Mudlet made the heart-breaking decision to sell her beloved mare, Gypsy, the reasons for which are covered in ‘Princes for my Princess’, as is the arrival in to Mudlets’ life of Prince. Since then things haven’t been exactly plain sailing for my daughter, as she has battled continuing health issues and endured two surgeries but in all this she has found solace in her horse and what a horse he has turned out to be.

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NHS and the Mudlets.

A girl with her horse. Eldest Mudlets' gentle giant being go careful not to nudge her

A girl with her horse: Eldest Mudlets’ gentle giant being so careful not to nudge her

It’s been quite some time since I posted anything on my blog and this is for a number of reasons, the most relevant being that the computer stopped talking to the TV, which acts as a monitor, and it took Mud a few weeks to figure out what the cause was. I think it turned out to be some change or other to the display¬†settings which came through in an update but it was such an oddball change that it never even entered his head to check it. There were mutterings of ‘I don’t believe it’ and much¬†groaning, when he finally realised what had happened and a quick switch of a cable from one port to another rectified in seconds, that which had confounded Mud for weeks. Continue reading


Princes for my princess

PrinceBack in April, I wrote a post (here) about Eldest Mudlet and the battle she has had, coming to terms with a dramatic change in her health over the last 18 months/2 years, as well as other changes in her personal life, that sent her reeling into the depths of despair and the struggle she faced fighting her way back out of depression. At the time of that original post, she was making good progress and the good days far outweighed the bad, thanks in no small measure, to the presence in her life of a little black and white mare called Gypsy. Continue reading


Eldest Mudlets’ biggest challenge.

A horse in need became a friend in deed

A horse in need became a friend in deed

It’s fair to say that in the last couple of years, Eldest Mudlet has, relatively speaking, been to hell and back but she has emerged a stronger, more confident individual, determined to grab hold of her life and live it the way she wants to. I’m not saying that every day is a good one for her but she’s better able to manage the bad ones now and I believe that the good now out weigh the bad and she is, for the most part, happy with her lot and striving forward.

That’s not to say of course that a lotto jackpot win wouldn’t be gratefully received, or the attentions of an eligible bachelor for that matter but then she is only human after all. Continue reading