The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

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A Parliament, an array and a dress for me

These little chaps are actually quite big

These little chaps are actually quite big

Following the completion of Middle Mudlets’ complicated sweater, I felt the need to do something a little less challenging and so opted to dig out the King Cole tinsel yarn I had purchased a few months ago and make up a couple of sparkly owls ready for the Christmas Fare. I had come across the owl pattern a short while ago, in the local garden centre of all places, and had bought both it and another couple of balls of the tinsel yarn, plus some pastel coloured double knit for faces, ears etc. Now with some time on my hands and no major project waiting in the wings, I gathered my materials together and before long I had completed a little blue owl, much to the delight of the younger Mudlets. Continue reading


Poggle and friend

Poggles is on the left with the more round snout

Poggle is on the left with the more rounded snout

I love hedgehogs and we have quite a number of prickly visitors making their way through out garden, munching away on the equally healthy population of slugs, throughout the ‘non-hibernatory’ parts of the year. They are a welcome sight and a pleasure to watch and listen to, as they snuffle about and so I was particularly delighted to find the ‘Hedgehog Kit’ offer on the Deramores on-line shop, the other week. Continue reading


I’ve got a yarn stash

My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something - special?

My little stash of yarn, waiting their turn to be made into something – special?

It’s only a small one but it’s still a yarn stash. Okay, strictly speaking, it’s not a stash in the same way as some of my fellow crafters because all the yarn has been bought with a specific project in mind. In fact the Scheepjeswol Softfun Denim was a gift as was 5 more balls of the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in the green that I have used on my lace sweater. However, the Scheepjeswol Sunkissed in Beachhut Pink and King Cole Dolly Mixtures Double Knit in pink, as well as an additional ball of the Softfun Denim, were purchased from Deramores, along with two pattern leaflets and a pair of 2.5mm Addi bamboo single point needles which put my order at just over £30. This meant that I had qualified for a free King Cole Hedgehog kit which included the pattern, one ball of King Cole Tinsel Chunky and a ball of King Cole Dolly Mixture double knit in pale blue. Continue reading