The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again


Christmas sparkle

A bit more Christmas sparkle

A bit more Christmas sparkle

One of the major down sides with having solid fuel stoves, has to be the amount of ash they spread around the home and certainly with anthracite, it isn’t a super fine dust. Oh no! Ash particles in our house can range from salt grain size to chunks the size of Lego bricks which are really uncomfortable under foot. Continue reading


Annie in disgrace

Butter wouldn't melt ...... sadly the same couldn't be said of the electrics.

Butter wouldn’t melt …… sadly the same couldn’t be said of the electrics.

Well okay maybe that’s a tad unfair, as she is over 30 years old and, let’s be honest, most modern cars would have long since made that final trip to the scrap yard and my beloved Series 3 Land Rover isn’t ready for that particular journey by any means. However, which ever way you look at it, try as I might, and believe me I have tried, I can’t think of a worse time for a cars lights to fail than in the middle of nowhere, on a very dark, miserable autumn night with me driving …… alone! Continue reading