The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

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Mary Berrys’ Banana Cake

Banana cake fingers.

Banana cake fingers.

At this time of year, with the weather turning ever colder, damper and more autumnal, it is still too warm to run the Rayburn 24/7 and so we tend to light it every other day or so, run it during the daytime and then let it burn out during the early evening which hopefully leaves us with a comfortable level of residual heat during the night, so it isn’t too hot and stuffy when it comes time for sleep. Another benefit of this part time running of the stove is that it has provided me with the opportunity to dig out my baking stuff and make home made treats for the Mudlets.

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Mary Berrys Chocolate Brownies

Moist chocolatiness - yum!

Moist chocolatiness – yum!

With the girls due back at school tomorrow, I needed to bake them something nice to go in their packed lunches. We also needed a pudding for tonight (Monday), as Mud had been busy cooking the roast pork dinner we were supposed to have had yesterday. Unfortunately neither of us had remembered to take the pork joint out of the freezer Saturday night and so ‘Sunday Dinner’ was happening today. Continue reading


Yule Log: Mary Berrys Swiss Roll

A successfully rolled Yule Log

A successfully rolled Yule Log

With Christmas Day literally just around the corner, today I decided I needed to get on and make a Yule Log. I tend to make one every year, with mixed results in terms of successful rolling but even if my sponge splits whilst I’m rolling it up, I still fill it with butter icing and smother it in a chocolate coating, simply referring to it as  Christmas Yule Log Pile. Continue reading


Mary Berrys Special Fruit Scones

Beautifully risen and tasty to boot

Beautifully risen and tasty to boot

So with the first recipe from the ‘Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes‘ under my belt (quite literally), I decided to try another and this time I settled on one of her scone recipes. My girls love fruit scones and I’m quite good at making them anyway but I thought it couldn’t help to try another variation. Continue reading


A cake (or two) for me

A chip of the old block I'd say

A chip of the old block I’d say

It is fair to say that as far as growing your own vegetables goes,  Eldest Mudlet is not to be considered a safe custodian of plants. On the other hand, her knitting skills are getting better, although she may not agree but when it comes to baking. I can honestly say that she can turn out a pretty good cake. Continue reading