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Dafny comes to Mudville

This, apparently, is Limelight Green!!!

This, apparently, is Limelight Green!!!

As 2014 drew to a close, it became apparent to Mud and I that Thomas, the 10 year old Mazda pickup truck, was ailing badly and would probably not make it through his next MOT (for those of you not from the UK , this is an annual road safety test for all vehicles 3 years and older) …… well not without us having to spend upwards of £1,500 on repairs and, to be frank, it simply didn’t make financial sensible to go down that route anymore, as this was more than the value of the vehicle as it stood. The Mazda had been a sterling workhorse over the last 10 years, clocking up around 250k miles and proving unbelievably reliable, however, all good things must come to an end and with Thomas proving more of a money pit with each passing day, something had to give. Continue reading

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Made in Japan: built to last!

Thomas - 200k miles and still going strong

Thomas the Mazda B2500 – 200k miles and still going strong

I didn’t get much sleep on Tuesday night and what little sleep I did achieve was filled with images of either an MOT inspectors shaking his head whilst handing over an MOT certificate with a massive red cross drawn through the middle of it, or being chased by a giant sized bill for several million pounds in car repairs! It was not a good night and I was more than a little jaded in the morning. Continue reading


It’s that time again

Ciggy Series 2 SWB Land Rover battery not included .....

Ciggy Series 2 SWB Land Rover battery not included …..

Every year, on two separate occasions, I find myself sitting in a waiting room, nervously thumbing through dog eared magazines, anxiously checking the clock, hoping for good news, anticipating the worst. Everything hanging on the verdict of one person, probably the most terrifying and yet powerful person in the automotive industry ……. the MOT inspector!!!

February it was Annie, my 30 year old, Series 3 Land Rover, who passed not quite with flying colours, as she did have one advisory but at least that one minor detail can be fixed by Mud, on the front drive for minimal cost and frankly, for such an old vehicle, one advisory is pretty good going all things considered. Continue reading