The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again


Top of the Class Airfix/Hornby

A42509 Airfix Engineer – Combustion Engine model

More and more these days it seems to me that good Customer Service has become a thing of the past, consigned to the realms of  myths and legend, a nostalgic memory for those of us who remember when high streets were buzzing with small family run, old world shops, the terms ‘supermarket’ and ‘call centre’  hadn’t been invented yet and people actually spoke to each other, wrote letters by hand and were more likely to pop to the shops on a push bike than in a car.

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Nothing to fix for Mud

Muds collection of WW2 models ...... plus 1 extra

Muds collection of WW2 models …… plus 1 extra

The thing with old series Land Rovers is that they require almost constant attention, whether it be for a blown gasket, faulty headlight, rotten exhaust or, as is the case with dear old Annie, a tired and worn out gearbox ….. and Annies’ gearbox is extremely tired and definitely worn out …. but here’s the thing, she is still trundling along, reliably transporting me whenever and wherever I want to go. Continue reading