The Land Rover Owners Wife


National Coal Mining Museum: Land Rovers, Trains and Pit Ponies

Little Mudlet was dwarfed by a waterwheel.

Little Mudlet was dwarfed by a waterwheel.

The Mudlets were playing quietly and peacefully on the rug and I was watching something on the television, when Mud, who had been engrossed in his most recent copy of ‘Classic Land Rover’, with an air of assumed casualness, suddenly announced to no one in particular “Oh look, it’s Leafers at the Pit this weekend!”

Uhm! Really!

I waited and sure enough, a few minutes later he suggested that this year, perhaps we could pop across (it’s an hour away) and have a gander. Mindful of the fact that, much as we love them, the idea of spending hours walking around looking at other peoples Land Rovers and chatting about axles, gearboxes, engine conversions or leaky gaskets may not be to every ones taste, he sweetened the deal with an even more casual, “Oh and whilst we’re over there, and seeings how the event is held at the National Coal Mining museum, we could spend some time looking around the museum as well.” Continue reading