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Plums, acorns and Gall Wasps

From little acorns ......

From little acorns ……

Yesterday was an exciting one for the school garden, as it managed to supply snack items for the whole of years 3, 4, 5 and 6! Children aged 4 to 6 which includes Foundation, year 1 and some of year 2, get free fruit or vegetables as a snack every morning which is a national initiative but children aged 7 and older have to bring their own snack item. So it was a great feeling when another mum and I managed to get 37 lovely ripe plums off the lower branches of the plum tree that lives in the bottom corner of the vegetable patch.

Mindful that not every child would like plums, we also picked a handful of cherry tomatoes and the last few pea pods to try and ensure that each older child had the chance of a snack from the garden. As it turned out there was actually enough for even the year 2 children (who share a class with 3 and 4) to have a second piece of fruit. All in all a very successful and rewarding day. Continue reading