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Grow your onions

The gaps in the aluminium slats are ideal for onion drying

The gaps in the aluminium slats are ideal for onion drying

Way back at the beginning of March, I set about planting my onion sets out into their prepared bed. I’ve never had much luck with growing onions from sets or seed but this year I went about the planting out process with almost military precision, taking great care to ensure that each row was the correct distance apart and that within the rows, the sets were also spaced as per the recommendations in the various gardening books I have at my disposal. The result was neat rows of tiny onion bulbs which could have passed muster at the Trooping of the Colour, on Horse Guards Parade. Continue reading

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Onion Sturon

My beautifully neat onion sets.

My beautifully neat onion sets.

I have never had much luck when it comes to growing onions whether this be by seed or by sets but I am determined to keep on trying because we go through an awful lot of onions in Mudville and whilst I won’t pretend to be able to grow anything like our entire requirement in our patch, I should be able to provide a significant number for consumption. This year I am revamping the veg patch and throwing my existing rotation plan out of the window. It has been in use for about 5 years and is quite restrictive, allowing for only a three year rotation at best. I hope that by rejigging where I grow certain crops, I will be able to see how successful (or not) they are in their new locations and, with luck, find myself in a position to instigate a much better 4 or 5 year rotation system. Only time will tell but on Saturday (March 7th) I made a start and planted the first of my onion sets in one of the raised beds. Continue reading


Done digging

Crocus Literally! Finished! All done and dusted. The beds have been cleared, weeded and dug. The strawberry plants have been tidied up, their runners caught up and put to one side ready for planting in a more appropriate spot and whilst the ongoing war against the constantly shedding Birch trees, may not have been won, at least the beds are, for now, free of their unsightly blanket of twiggy branches. Continue reading