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Scones two ways

What is the point on skimping on jam and cream

What is the point on skimping on jam and cream

Okay, some of you will be looking at this post thinking “scones two ways? I can only see one set of scones and some pancakes”, so first off I think I need to qualify my title.

Growing up, one of my favourite treats was the serving of what I knew as ‘Drop Scones’. As an adult I have seen these under the name of Scotch Pancakes or American Pancakes, as well as Drop Scones. Continue reading



Eek! Pancake day tomorrow

I can make gorgeous, large, golden brown, crisp and tasty Yorkshire puddings, time after time, without fail. Better than Aunt Bessies’ according to Mud.Yorkshire Puddings

The thing with Mud is that he is inherently honest. He tells it like it is. No sugar coating, no ego stroking, just the plain and simple truth which can be quite hurtful at times but at least you know where you are with him. So when he makes a comment about my Yorkshires being better than those mass produced by one of the market leaders, then I can feel justifiably proud of my achievement and bask in my success. Continue reading