The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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On the road again

Views like this can't help but inpsire

Views like this can’t help but inspire

Back in 2014, when Mud first suggest that we all get bikes and start going out on them as a family to try to get fit, I thought he was mad. I hadn’t been on a bike for over thirty years and the last time I had ridden one, I had come off, in spectacular style, by performing a flying dismount over the handlebars! Brushing aside my concerns, Mud ploughed on and I soon found myself the dubious owner of a rather lovely Pendleton Brooke Hybrid bike, complete with wicker basket and snazzy mud guards. Continue reading



Back on my bike

Perfect weather for bikes

Perfect weather for bikes

Back in April/May last year, when Mud first suggested that he and I also got a new bike each, so that we could go out for family bike rides, I reluctantly agreed. Very reluctantly to be honest, as I hadn’t been on a bike for over 30 years and my last memory of this childhood past time involved sailing over the handlebars, at great speed and landing in an undignified heap, at the feet of a boy I had the biggest crush on. Embarrassment outweighed physical pain at that point but didn’t last long, with the agonizing sensation of knees and elbows scraped almost to the bone by the rough tarmac, soon taking charge and surpassing the mortification factor by a country mile. As far as I can remember, that was the last time I ever rode a push bike, not the fondest memory, I’m sure you will agree. Continue reading

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Two wheels on my wagon.

Another pass for Thomas

Another pass for Thomas

Okay, so not a wagon exactly … well at all really ….. but two wheels on my bike didn’t have the same ring and that particular phrase doesn’t, as far as I am aware, figure in a 1961 song about the wild west and the efforts of a pioneer family to escape Cherokee Indians.

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On your bike!

Beautiful, traditional and very comfy to ride.

Beautiful, traditional and very comfy to ride.

Let’s be clear on one very important fact ….. I am no spring chicken! Most days I feel ancient (about 500 years old). My joints ache and if it weren’t for the wonder of modern hair dyes, I’d be very, very grey …… but then I did start going grey in my early thirties and (as any land rover owners wife will tell you) I do have extenuating circumstances.

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