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More pickled chillies for Mudville

A bumper crop.

Earlier this week Mud opened one of the jars of Jalapenos I had pickled five weeks ago, to add to his Chicken Fajitas and declared them a success. He told me they were tasty and hot, better than the shop bought ones we spend a small fortune on each year. With lots of chillies still growing in the greenhouses, and handfuls of the incredibly successful Curry Chilli in the freezers, I decided to make a second batch of pickled Jalapenos. Continue reading


Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 2015

The recipe doesn't yield a lot of jam/sauce, so I'll need to make a second batch.

The recipe doesn’t yield a lot of jam/sauce, so I’ll need to make a second batch.

This was the same recipe I used last year but despite the use of a jam thermometer which was a birthday gift from a friend last year, and boiling the mixture twice, the ‘jam’ this year is definitely more of a dipping sauce but just as sweetly fiery as last year, although not as hot. But then we’ve found that the whole chilli crop hasn’t been as hot this year which (in spite of what Mud may think), isn’t such a bad thing really. Continue reading

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Pickled chillies

Very pretty: Pickled Ohnivec and Cayenne Chilli Peppers

Very pretty: Pickled Ohnivec and Cayenne Chilli Peppers

For the last few weeks, the chillies in the greenhouse have been tucked up under horticultural fleece overnight, to protect them from the rapidly falling nighttime temperatures whilst the chilli peppers continue to ripen. I have watered, removed dead and decaying foliage, cosseted and pampered this precious and abundant crop, waiting for the time when I could pick and then pickle them. With the smaller Cayenne chillies ripening rapidly, it was the Ohnivecs that I was waiting for.

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In a pickle

The finished article - just labels and cloth lid covers needed now

The finished article – just labels and cloth lid covers needed now

Mud himself has frequently extolled the benefits of home growing, proudly telling anyone who would listen (and many who actually didn’t want to listen), about how many varieties of vegetables from our garden appeared on his dinner plate the previous night and he has gone on to express his desire for us to be able to produce most of our vegetable requirements for the year. Of course when he says ‘us’ he actually means me. Also, lack of space currently precludes the ‘most of our vegetable requirements’ but he has plans to drastically alter the layout of the vegetable plot which should allow us to increase our overall growing space and, with the addition of netting, the inclusion of the Brassica family. Continue reading