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Hedgehogs – a poem by Little Mudlet

The Mudlets had decided that they wanted to enter a couple of childrens’ classes at show in one of the villages nearby and so we looked through the available classes and each child chose the classes they wanted to enter.

We’ve never done anything like this before but both Mudlets have done really well, with Middle Mudlet getting a second for her vase of flowers and a first for a picture she did and Little Mudlet getting a third for her picture (they were in different age bands by the way). Continue reading

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Drama, tears and an Oscar winning performance

Way back in November last year, or there abouts, a letter was sent home from school asking if any child was interested in taking part in the 2013 Music and Drama Festival which was to be held, as it has been for around the last 90 years or so, in the local town. Both Mudlets decided that they wanted to be entered into the poetry reading and so I filled in the form, enclosed the entry fee and sent it back to school.

The poetry reading classes are split into age groups as per the academic year. For example, all year one children with birthdays between September and March, are placed in one group (class) and all are given the same poem to learn and the children with birthdays between April and August are placed in a different group (class) and given a different poem to learn, and so on and so forth throughout the remaining year groups, with the poems becoming progressively more complex, the older the age group. Continue reading