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The morning after the night before.

Oops! Lifted clean out of its' stand.  I'm thinking now would be a good time to put this back in the shed!

Oops! Lifted clean out of its’ stand. I’m thinking now would be a good time to put this back in the shed!

With Mud due down at head office this morning, he took himself off to bed at around 9pm last night and I was able to compose and publish my ‘Alternate use for knitting needles‘ post in relative peace before taking myself up to bed but, tired though I was, sleep was not forthcoming. Gale force winds were howling passed the cottage and a cacophony of bangs, thuds, creaks and assorted strong winds related noises prevented me from achieving much sleep at all and I was still clock watching at 3am. Continue reading

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Homework …………….

With the Easter holidays set to last two whole weeks, I worried quite a lot about what would happen to the seedlings that had already emerged from the first Gardening Club sowings. I knew that I would have access to the Polytunnel for the first week but the plethora of delicate seedlings, that were being housed on various school windowsills would be a different story altogether.

Windowsill propagatorOn the last day of term I made the decision to bring the more sensitive ones home with me and hoped those in the Polytunnel would cope with being left to their own devices because although I would be able to and did check on them during this first week, next week it is unlikely that I will be able have access to them and will have to wait until the school reopens. Continue reading