The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

When endo’ cramps forced Eldest Mudlet to take a rest in the field, Prince came over to check on her and kept her company for 10 to 15 minutes. She set her phone up on the barrow and started to film and managed to catch this beautiful moment which clearly shows the strong bond and affection that has developed between them in the three years since she bought him.

She is his world and he is hers.


The horse and his girl

Prince by name and a prince by nature

I’ve written a couple of times about my beautiful Eldest Mudlet and her struggles with endometriosis and transverse myelitis, how life can often seem to be a constant battle with pain, how she tries not to let it regiment her life and is determined to enjoy and make the most of the positives in her life. These positives include her wonderful loving and understanding (not to mention long suffering – if your partner has a horse you’ll understand) fiancé, the job she recently got promoted in to and her younger sisters who often make her giggle and brighten her toughest days with an over-excited, enthusiastic phone call about their day and achievements. Continue reading

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A Prince in Flight

Gently, gently catchee rider

It has been over two years since Eldest Mudlet made the heart-breaking decision to sell her beloved mare, Gypsy, the reasons for which are covered in ‘Princes for my Princess’, as is the arrival in to Mudlets’ life of Prince. Since then things haven’t been exactly plain sailing for my daughter, as she has battled continuing health issues and endured two surgeries but in all this she has found solace in her horse and what a horse he has turned out to be.

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