The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties …..

Halloween in our house hold is traditionally a fun, happy time, with much laughter as pumpkins are carved, the hall is decorated and the two Mudlets don their costumes and face paints, ready to receive the “trick or treaters”.

Halloween hallThe plastic Halloween lanterns are brought down from the attic, dusted off, fitted with new batteries and then we all hold our collective breath as we wait to see if they have survived another year of storage, or if their cheaply made circuitry has finally given up the ghost (excuse the pun), after 3 Halloweens of being dropped, bumped and generally neglected by the over excited Mudlets.

Of course the carving of the pumpkins, grown by me and two of which dwarfed the ‘extra large’ ones a certain well known supermarket had for sale this year (not that I’m bragging), is, according to Mud, the highlight of the day and a task only undertaken by Mud himself.

I grow the pumpkins, he carves the pumpkins, I cook the pumpkins, then we all eat the pumpkins in a variety of guises. This is the way it is and  has always been since the Student Mudlet was at home.

Unfortunately, this year, Halloween coincided with the end of Muds’ week off and, as a result, he was like a bear with a so Continue reading