The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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The Mudlets’ sow some seeds

Middle Mudlets' propogator

Middle Mudlets’ propagator

“Can I have my own propagator to look after, please mum?” Middle Mudlet asked me the other day. Well what could I say, after all my whole ethos with the school garden has been to encourage the children to develop a love of all things green and growing and so I decided that the next round of seed sowing could be given over to the girls, under supervision. Continue reading


Pumpkins, sweet corn and winter squash

Middle Mudlet had a fair few corn to plant out.

Middle Mudlet had a fair few corn to plant out.

Group by group, the greenhouse plants are being moved outside and planted into their final positions, filling the garden with the promise of things to come. Not that you can tell by looking into the greenhouses because most of the recently vacated space has been filled with yet more newly potted on seedlings. Friday, it was the turn of the sweet corns, pumpkins and winter squashes to migrate outside and once again I had the help of the Mudlets for the planting. Continue reading