The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again


Pedantic Puzzling

I thought 'Hidden Treasure' was difficult enough....

I thought ‘Hidden Treasure’ was difficult enough….

I love doing jigsaw puzzles, especially 1000 piece plus jigsaws and I am especially partial to Gibsons puzzles. Having built many different makes of puzzle over the years, I have to say that in terms of quality, composition and customer service, Gibsons are second to none. Their puzzle pieces are firm, sturdy and comfortable to work with and on the one occasion I found a newly purchased puzzle had some pieces missing and others damaged, no doubt due to a tussle with the cutting machine, I received a replacement without quibble after sending the purchase details to them, as per the instructions in the guarantee that comes with each and every puzzle. Continue reading


Making Space for Christmas

I nearly ran for the hills when I saw this lot!

I nearly ran for the hills when I saw this lot!

With that jolly old man, with his reindeer, sleigh and a sackful of presents due for a flying visit in a few weeks time, I couldn’t put todays’ task off any longer and judging by the look of the toy shelves and the Mudlets’ bedrooms, it’s not a day too soon. Today was the day I had to, somehow, make space for Christmas. Continue reading