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Wash Day Blues

Getting washing dry in our household is a task that involves almost military style planning because not only am I without a tumble dryer but I am washing line less too! And it’s Muds’ fault!

Back garden from windowI used to have one, a line that is, but having spent many days/hours toiling away to transform our garden from a bleak hard cored nothingness, into a family friendly, playing, eating and veg’ growing area, Mud decided that the washing line was an ugly addition and it simply had to go.

Fine! But then how, would he mind telling me, was I supposed to get the washing dry?

During winter I can use the old fashioned dryer which is suspended above the Rayburn and washing Back garden 2010dries relatively quickly on it, although sheets, towels and blankets are still a problem due to the amount of space they take up and, in the case of towels and blankets, the time they take to dry. Continue reading