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Saving the Seeds: Sweetcorn

Hung up to dry out: the hopes of next season rest on this cob.

Hung up to dry out: the hopes of next season rest on this cob.

One of my goals with the vegetable patch is it be able to cut back on the yearly purchase of numerous packets of seeds by saving, wherever possible, seed from my own produce from which I can grow the following seasons crops. The fact that the type of seed I was buying might be the cause of some of the failures in my garden, was something that only dawned on me, slowly, over several seasons. In fact it wasn’t until I stumbled upon a reference to a seed bank and the importance and benefits of seed saving, that I began to consider the inherent difficulties of using the ‘one size fits all’ seed, that is available in garden centres and seed catalogues.

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Bean and gone

My pride and joy: aren't they beautiful (humour me - it's a grower thing)

My pride and joy: aren’t they beautiful (humour me – it’s a home grower thing)

It is always with a sense of pride and achievement that I watch Mud and the Mudlets sit down to a meal which includes some home grown produce. From something as simple as lettuce leaves in a sandwich, to a more involved recipe such as deep fried, spicy battered courgettes (zucchini), the feeling is the same.

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We have some red in the garden

Look! It's turning orange!

Look! It’s turning orange!

To be absolutely truthful, it’s more of an orange colour at the moment and it is in the little greenhouse but it’s official – one of the greenhouse tomatoes is turning red! I find that there is a point when the first tomato starts to change colour, where doubt sets in and you can’t be certain whether the slight discolouration you are seeing, is the start of the ripening process or a sign that your carefully nutured plants are ailing and the fruit is actually rotting. Continue reading

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Cucumber, Wautoma

This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Wautoma (Real Seed Catalogue)
Sown indoors: 2nd April 2013
First Seedling: 7th April 2013
Germination: 5 days

Newly emerged seedling

Newly emerged seedling

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