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Car design with a difference

Middle Mudlets favourite pastime

Middle Mudlets favourite pastime

The two youngest Mudlets are so completely different in their likes and characters, that sometimes it is hard to believe that they are sisters.

Middle Mudlet, for example, is not what you would call a girly girl and would shudder at thought of having to wear anything pink. Except, that is, for her favourite t-shirt but that’s because it has a horse head picture on it and as horses are her adored eldest sisters favourite animal, then Middle Mudlet will happily forgive the pink background. Frilly bobbles and pretty hair clips are another no no, preferring instead to wear her hair down out of school hours and using a plain blue bobble for tying her hair back for  school. Barbies have never found their way into her toy boxes and as for the new range of ‘Friends’ Lego, that is most definitely not on her Christmas wishlist. No, it’s safe to say that Middle Mudlet is a bit of a tomboy. Continue reading


Repairing a gap in the hedge the Land Rover owners way

Fence panel with a difference

Fence panel with a difference

We have a 60 foot long stretch of native hedge that runs down the side of our house which has been a haven for wildlife and has provided much needed privacy, as the next house along, although separated from us by a road and grass verge, is slightly elevated and set back.

The location of this house has never really been a problem in the past, as we have carefully managed and maintained the hedge, which has provided bushy green cover through most of the year and a healthy tangle of branches during the winter, so it came as a bit of a shock last year when we realised that a gap had appeared (with a little help from another neighbour, as we later found out)  in the hedge and it allowed the neighbours an unhindered view of our dining room and patio area. Continue reading


Are you coming out to play?

Saturday dawned cold, blustery (gale force to be exact) and decidedly unspring like ….. no change there then, but one notable difference was the arrival of snow. Being a gardener, the sight of a 3 inch covering of the white stuff, when I looked out of the window, resulted in less than enthusiastic mutterings from me but had Mud reaching for his glasses so he could peer outside and see if it was deep enough to play in.
Thomas the B2500 - not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

Thomas the B2500 – not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

“For crying out loud,” he said, thoroughly disgruntled once again to see just a few inches and not feet of snow,”If we’re not going to get a decent covering, it’s time for the weather to start warming up again.” Continue reading


It’ll only take a few minutes

I think I may have mentioned once or twice, Muds’ amazing talent for under estimating the time that a job will take, whether it’s Land Rover related, or to do with the house, or garden. So many times I have been happily engrossed in some task of my own, usually down in the vegetable patch when the words “Hun? Have you got a minute?”  will ring out, more often than not these days, from the workshop.
Bean pyramids - handy for hiding behind

Bean pyramids – handy for hiding behind

Of course these ‘little jobs’ rarely turn out to be little and invariably my list of jobs is put on hold for the next few hours (if I’m lucky) whilst I help Mud with whatever it is that he is currently doing. Continue reading

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Annie gets a hard top

The main reason behind the purchase of Annie has always been that, as a 109” Land Rover, she is the natural successor to our Jap’ pick-up truck which is fast approaching terminal status and should have retired 12-18 months ago. Annies hard top

As a truck cab, Annie was unable to fulfil her full potential as a family car and so Mud has been on the look out for either a full tilt (canvas soft top with windows to you and me), forward facing seats and 2 bench seats for good measure, in the load bed or a hardtop with seats as mentioned. Continue reading

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Mummy me time

Mummy “me time” is a rare commodity in our household and so I tend to make the most of the opportunities I get.

Take today for example. It was chucking it down, my umbrella was broken and although I needed some shopping, there was nothing so urgent that it couldn’t have waited a day or two when the weather may have been slightly more inviting. Continue reading

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The Land Rover Owners wife converted ……

When Mud first suggested getting another old Land Rover but this time for me to use, I have to admit that I wasn’t totally enamoured of the idea, mostly due to the fact that he had spent the best part of the last 10 years telling me how unreliable they are and how uncomfortable they are to drive. Things didn’t improve much when he told me that he had found the perfect vehicle – a 109 inch Series III. In case you’re wondering, that equates to an incredibly long and heavy vehicle, with no power steering.

Annie in the snowHe had also spent a fair amount of time since buying Ciggy, explaining to me how dangerous it is to drive an old Land Rover like I would the Jap truck, as they were completely different animals.

“Drive a Land Rover like the truck and you’ll kill yourself”, he said which, you have to admit, wasn’t exactly confidence inspiring. Continue reading

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Big boys toy and the snow

We awoke this morning to a sight which brought joy to the hearts of every child in the village and resigned acceptance of a long and trying few days for every adult. Well nearly every adult.

Annie in the snow 2012

Mud was the biggest kid of them all! Nigh on dancing around the house, as he contemplated a couple of hours of fun, playing with Annie in the 10-18 inches of snow that had fallen overnight. Continue reading

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Beware the gift horse ……….

…. it may bite!

When Mud announced that he thought it was high time I had my own car again, I was elated. To be fair, the age of the Jap’ truck had a lot to do with this decision but I didn’t care. My own car!

Annie in need of some TLC

Annie in need of some TLC

No more struggling onto buses with masses of shopping bags. Gone would be the waiting in the rain, snow and icy winds for the bus which was 20 minutes late – again!

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Another kind of shopping list

One of the hitherto unmentioned and unforeseen benefits of being married to a Landy enthusiast is the justification of my addiction to list making. I have endured years of rolled eyes, sighs and exasperated shrugs, as yet another list is written as prompt to my woeful memory.

To be fair though, Mud does make the occasional list but only once in a blue moon and it’s usually to draw attention to the large number of jobs that need to be done about the house, garden and, more recently, the Land Rovers, for which invariably, he states he neither has the time nor money to complete.New Parts for Annie

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