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Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style: Right Front completed

Sirdar Cardigan Front Right

Sirdar Cardigan Front Right

Shaping a patterned piece of knitting can be a very challenging task and I had been pleasantly surprised with how well the neck shaping of the left front had appeared to lend itself to the pattern, causing few problems. Lulled into a false sense of security, I confidently cast on started to knit the Right Front. However, It proved to be a completely different story when I reached the neck shaping this time and tried to incorporate the correct number of cast off stitches, imperative to the successful shaping of the neck, in with the ‘drop one/make one’ of the actual lace pattern. Continue reading


Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style: The Left Front completed and Eldest Mudlets Christmas present

Completed Left Front

Completed Left Front

I didn’t get much chance to pick up my needles over last weekend and even Monday was a hectic blur of shopping and housework and so it wasn’t until Tuesday that I was able to carry on with the Left Front of my cardigan. I had already completed pattern sections one and two.

Pattern section three was to incorporate the shaping required for the neck line and so, to be honest, I was expecting it to be troublesome but in the event the way the decrease rows fell and where they were in the pattern, seemed to aid this task and with fewer and fewer stitches left on the needle, I completed the rest of this piece in no time at all. Continue reading


Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style: Third pattern section completed and so is the back.

The back is finished

The back is finished

I actually finished this yesterday but with our internet running slower than a snail for the majority of the day, I wasn’t able to do this post! I’m very happy with the finished look of the panel, although it wasn’t without a couple of mishaps but, thankfully, the nature of the fern patter meant that I was able to spot my error almost immediately and only had a few stitches to pull back to make the correction. Continue reading

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Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style: Second pattern section completed

First and second patterns complete

First and second patterns complete

Yesterday evening I was able to push on and managed to complete the 22 rows of the second pattern section which created an almost leaf like shape. The finished section looks quite complex but is actually really, really easy.

I also completed the transition from pattern two to pattern three which involved changing from 4mm to 3.25mm needles and doing 4 rows of knit. The previous transition from pattern one to pattern two had also involved this needle change but was 6 rows of purl. Continue reading


Cardigan in Sirdar Country Style: And one for me

Sirdar patternI can’t remember the last time I picked up my needles with the view to making something for myself but it certainly hasn’t been during the 11 or so years we’ve lived here. Ind fact the more I think about it, I can’t help but feel that it was some 22 years ago when Eldest Mudlet was born, an event that seems to have heralded the start of a succession (or should that be procession) of baby jackets, childrens’ cardigans and jean Greenhowe knitted toys. Continue reading


Baby boom – one for the baby girls

It seems that there is quite a baby boom going on around here at the moment, with two of the four teachers in school both expecting (1 baby boy and 1 baby girl) within weeks of each other, one of the mums due any day (another little girl) and one of the neighbours  with a brand new baby girl.Baby jacket

I love knitting baby clothes – they are beautiful, cute and so quick to knit and so I rummaged through my wools and patterns, got out my needles and on Tuesday night, whilst Mud was surfing the net, I made a start on a baby jacket. I can’t remember the make of the wool I used but I believe it was  described as a ‘marble’ effect baby wool. The needles were size 3.25mm and 4mm and the pattern was Sirdar 1802.

Baby jacket

The finished pieces before I put them together to see what the jacket would look like.

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