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Annie and I meet snow

A light dusting of snow

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about Annie because, for the most part, she’s been extremely well behaved, happily carrying us from A to B and back again, trundling along without a care in the world. All through the lovely long hot sunny weather last year, she never put a wheel wrong, passed yet another MOT without issue and basked in admiring glances wherever she went. Continue reading



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s flapjack and it’s banned!

It is fair to say that over recent years, many of the decisions made in the name of Health and Safety have, for many of us ordinary mortals, been frankly mystifying and hard to fathom. Looking at all the rules and regulations now in force, one has to say that it is nothing short of a miracle that so many of us made it to maturity.

I remember Autumn days in the playground with hoards of eager children, clutching conkers threaded on to old and fraying laces, waiting their turn to battle it out with the current champion to earn the title of Conker Champion of the school, spectators ducking to avoid bits of and sometimes whole conkers, complete with part of a lace which has finally snapped, flying through the air at break neck speeds. Continue reading


Are you coming out to play?

Saturday dawned cold, blustery (gale force to be exact) and decidedly unspring like ….. no change there then, but one notable difference was the arrival of snow. Being a gardener, the sight of a 3 inch covering of the white stuff, when I looked out of the window, resulted in less than enthusiastic mutterings from me but had Mud reaching for his glasses so he could peer outside and see if it was deep enough to play in.
Thomas the B2500 - not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

Thomas the B2500 – not exactly a Land Rover but better than nothing

“For crying out loud,” he said, thoroughly disgruntled once again to see just a few inches and not feet of snow,”If we’re not going to get a decent covering, it’s time for the weather to start warming up again.” Continue reading


Parsnip roots and snow

We have snow!  Like me you could be forgiven for thinking that, based on my post ‘No snow for Mud‘, the arrival of snow would be cause for celebration for Mud but no, this is the wrong sort of snow, it wont last and, as it is now the middle of the working week, he wont have an opportunity to go play even if his prediction is wrong and it lasts and gets deeper overnight.Garden under snow

To be fair, he is probably right and I can understand his frustration in respect of the timing of this snowfall but, hey, the girls are happy and the garden always looks so pretty, especially when there are no footprints to mar the crisp whiteness. Mind you, having thought about it and despite Muds’ mutterings to the contrary, it is probably a good thing that it has fallen today because I can just imagine how much more frustrated and despondent Mud would be, had he been in a position to go play because the current level simply isn’t deep enough. Continue reading

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No snow for Mud

I have been a Land Rover owners wife for a little over 3 years now and yet certain aspects of the behaviour and mind set of these (shall we say, unique?) individuals and in particular those like Mud who own Series Landys, still bemuse me and afford me amusement and frustration in equal measure.

There is the ‘love/hate’ relationship they have with their beloved vehicles which depends wholly on:

  • whether or not it is currently on the road, in which case it’ll be the best vehicle ever, so easy to maintain, never lets us down: or,
  • if there is work that does needs doing, how difficult it is to undo and remove any parts that may need attention, how many different sizes of nut and bolt has previously been used on the affected area, whether or not they have or can actually get spare parts, nuts and bolts and how much pain and injury the Landy has managed to inflict upon them this time. Continue reading

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Big boys toy and the snow

We awoke this morning to a sight which brought joy to the hearts of every child in the village and resigned acceptance of a long and trying few days for every adult. Well nearly every adult.

Annie in the snow 2012

Mud was the biggest kid of them all! Nigh on dancing around the house, as he contemplated a couple of hours of fun, playing with Annie in the 10-18 inches of snow that had fallen overnight. Continue reading