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I cook with spam, eat spam but I do NOT deliver spam!

So for 6 months or so I have happily posted my blog entries, responded to comments, liked, followed and even made comments on other peoples blogs, all without issue or cause to complain, until this week! For some reason known only to themselves, Akismet have decided that my comments on other peoples blogs are SPAM and, as such, they have been putting them in to the recipients SPAM folder.

I know that they have tightened up their SPAM filter and this is why innocent comments have been caught but surely they can see the ‘history’ of a blogger via their email address which is, after all, logged against each comment made, and from this history can determine the legitimacy of the comment made! Continue reading


Spamish Omelette

It kind of fell apart but it went down well

It kind of fell apart but it went down well

With all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations going on last year, it probably isn’t surprising that there was a lot of reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy that was prevalent during and for several years after World War II. Even Mud and I found ourselves talking about our own childhoods in the early 70’s, about the foods we ate and society before the dawn of home computers, social networking websites and the infernal iPhone! Rationing back in the 1940’s and 50’s proved to be of great interest to the Mudlets, especially the concepts of a 2oz sweets ration, meat rationing and people actively digging up their gardens to grow what food they could.
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