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Drop Scones with strawberries and ice-cream

A tasty treat for the Mudlets

A tasty treat for the Mudlets

With my strawberry plants still producing a rather respectable volume of fruit, I needed to think of another way to serve them up so that the Mudlets didn’t get fed up with them on their cereal. Well, okay they probably wouldn’t ever get fed up with strawberries on their cereal, as a snack or any way I chose to serve them but I did want to try something a little different for them.

So last night, after they had eaten their dinner I decided to make a batch of drop scones (American Pancakes or Scotch Pancakes) which are one of their favourite treats and are quick and easy to make. I used a bog standard batter recipe: Continue reading


Gardening Club: Purple peas, polytunnel and perfectly nice surprises

A pleasant surprise - the peas are flowering

A pleasant surprise – the peas are flowering

It is always a huge relief to get to school on a Monday and find everything in good order in the Courtyard Garden. Popping over to water the polytunnel during a hot weekend isn’t an issue but situated right in the middle of the school, only accessible from doors leading off from the corridors, the Courtyard is left to its’ own devices. This morning when I checked on the various plants residing there, I was delighted to see that the first of the purple podded pea flowers were open and looking stunning. Continue reading


Strawberry delightful, delicious, devoured.

Just one of the ways to enjoy a bumper crop

Just one of the ways to enjoy a bumper crop

I believe that most home growers would agree that once you have eaten your own home grown fruit and/or vegetables, then going back to shop bought produce, once your carefully nurtured crops are finally finished, is like a form of torture which would surely be forbidden under the terms of the Geneva Convention.

Of all the crops that we grow, there are 4 or 5 to which this absolutely applies and these are carrots, parsnips, leeks, sweet corn and strawberries. Of them all the humble home grown strawberry is by far and away, top of the tree, when it comes to the difference between home grown and shop bought. Continue reading


Tomato side shoots (an update) and who’s been nibbling the strawberries?

The Mudlets enjoyed the strawberries I picked ....

The Mudlets enjoyed the strawberries I picked ….

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had planted the side shoots I had just removed from my tomato plants, directly into some spare compost. In previous years I had managed to grow whole new plants from these shoots, with very little extra effort. So having planted the shoots, I popped them into the large greenhouse and have pretty much ignored them other than to give them the occasional drink of water. Continue reading