The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Forest Glade – FO

There is nothing subtle about the banding created by the yarn.

Well I’ve finished Middle Mudlets’ sweater and she has declared herself very happy with it. She doesn’t normally go in for sparkly things that much but she really likes the effect of the shiny thread that is wound through the yarn. The three-quarter length sleeves and the roll neck are another new feature for Middle Mudlet but as she gets older, her tastes are changing and, to a very small degree, she is starting to shake off some of her tomboyish ways. Continue reading

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Sweater in Stylecraft Cabaret – Forest Glade

Stylecraft Sweater in Cabaret Double Knit Forest Glade

Around Christmas time an email from Deramores dropped into my inbox with the news that they were offering 10% off all purchases. Having finished my little stockings a couple of weeks earlier, I was looking for a new project – for Middle Mudlet this time – and so logged into the Deramores site and had a browse. Before long I had found a pattern which Middle Mudlet was happy with and had chosen a yarn to go with it. As it happened, the recommended yarn for the pattern, Stylecraft Cabaret double knit, had a range of gorgeous colour ways and Middle Mudlet chose the Forest Glade colour, a beautiful variegated green stripe ranging from dark bottle green to a much lighter pastel, with a shimmering thread running throughout. Continue reading