The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Landy in miniature (updated)

Lego Series 2 Land RoverBy far one of the best ‘free hand’ models that Mud has ever made from Lego, has to be his representation of a classic Series 2 Land Rover, using green bricks and subsequently adding a white hard top. Personally I feel the end result was pretty good, although it took some time to make as, without a set of instructions to work from, he had to work out what he needed and then try and find appropriate bricks amongst the thousands contained within the Lego boxes.

Eventually, his perseverance paid off and we ended up with this cute little mini ‘Ciggy’, complete with fold down windscreen, bonnet mounted wheel (sadly not the delux bonnet though) and a tow hook on the back. Continue reading

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Ciggys new colours

It always seems to Mud that whenever he decides to start a large job which necessitates the getting out of numerous and often cumbersome tools, previously brilliantly sunny weather begins to change to torrential downpours accompanied by gale force winds.

GazeboHaving booked a week off with the intention of getting all of Ciggys’ body panels and, most importantly, her bulkhead stripped down, primered, under coated and then top coated he was more than a little frustrated to find his efforts hampered by the inclement and unseasonably cold weather. To say that things have been a little tense would be an understatement. Continue reading

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Ciggy gets a new chassis

 Poor Mud doesn’t seem to have much luck when it comes to delivery of the things he most wants.

New ChassisFirst the snow delayed the arrival of Ciggy, at the start of last year, by around 2 weeks, although to hear Mud tell it you could be mistaken for thinking it was much, much longer. Then a set of unfortunate but unavoidable circumstances, meant that the brand new, galvanised chassis didn’t arrived at its’ appointed time of 6am, one cold, dark Tuesday morning in late October. Continue reading

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Behind you ……..

Behind each Land Rover enthusiast, you will more than likely find a less than enthusiastic but supportive army of parents, spouses and/or partners, each trying, and failing, to fathom out the mystery that is the obsession with all things Land Rover (and in my case ….. Series).

I have to say that I was hoodwinked into my role by the plaintive expression on Muds’ face who, having been Land Roverless for the best part of 6 years, was Ciggy on arrivaldesperate to reverse this state of affairs and, to that end, was prepared to give up smoking and to cut down on his alcoholic intake, for the purposes of funding the restoration of the rather forlorn looking Series 2 he had spotted on ebay. Continue reading