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Poggle and friend

Poggles is on the left with the more round snout

Poggle is on the left with the more rounded snout

I love hedgehogs and we have quite a number of prickly visitors making their way through out garden, munching away on the equally healthy population of slugs, throughout the ‘non-hibernatory’ parts of the year. They are a welcome sight and a pleasure to watch and listen to, as they snuffle about and so I was particularly delighted to find the ‘Hedgehog Kit’ offer on the Deramores on-line shop, the other week. Continue reading



Teddy bears feel the cold too!

Teddybear jumpers 20160122 (6)

The teddy bears new clothes

I’m in between knitting projects at the moment and as I still haven’t got the manure I need for the garden (need to get that this next week without fail), not to mention the fact that an old back injury from some 29 years ago is playing me up in fine fashion at the moment, I still haven’t been able to do the jobs that need doing out in the vegetable garden which has resulted in me having time on my hands in the evenings and at weekends. Continue reading

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The toy story

The Playmobil collection grew and grew.

The Playmobil collection grew and grew.

With Christmas over and school due to reopen, Mud and I turned our thoughts to how on earth we were going to fit train tracks and Lego buildings into the Mudlet bedrooms. With some sadness we decided the only way to fit everything in was to pack away and move into the attic, most of the Playmobil. Continue reading

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A very Lego Christmas

Cargo train and passenger train can now run side be side ...... so long as the points are all set correctly that is.

Cargo train and passenger train can now run side be side …… so long as the points are all set correctly that is.

The last few days of 2014 galloped on by at a startling rate of knots. In the last few days Eldest Mudlet came to visit and is now the proud owner of a gorgeous jumper knitted by moi, the details of which can be found here. Mud finally succumbed completely to the flu virus and retired to bed the day after Boxing Day, where he remained for much of the weekend and although he had been up and about over the last couple of days of the year, he was still far from 100% and was unable to stay up to watch the New Year in. Meanwhile the latest additions to the Mudlet Lego collections, have pretty much taken over the lounge. Continue reading


Christmas day in Mudville

The Lego Cargo train built by Little Mudlet

The Lego Cargo train built by Little Mudlet

It was 7.10 Christmas morning when we all trundled downstairs to see what Santa had left under the tree. All things considered, we got off lightly and even then it was Mud getting up which started the day and not Little Mudlet which, considering the state of hyper excitement she has been in this last week, was the first surprise of the day. Continue reading


The play value of Lego: 40 yrs and counting!

Muds Lego House is looking pretty good to me

Muds Lego House is looking pretty good to me

It’s fair to say that we have a lot of Lego in our house. Some of the Lego actually belonged to Mud as a boy but over the last 6 years or so, several boxes of mixed bricks and roof tiles have been added to Muds’ boyhood stash, as well as Pick a Brick orders of windows, wheels and flat plates and we now have three plastic storage boxes filled with the stuff. In addition, Middle Mudlets’ room has a large unit and a long shelf dedicated to the display of the specific sets that she has collected over the years from the various themes, not to mention the veritable army of special mini-figures collected from the ‘Blind Bag’ sets.

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Making Space for Christmas

I nearly ran for the hills when I saw this lot!

I nearly ran for the hills when I saw this lot!

With that jolly old man, with his reindeer, sleigh and a sackful of presents due for a flying visit in a few weeks time, I couldn’t put todays’ task off any longer and judging by the look of the toy shelves and the Mudlets’ bedrooms, it’s not a day too soon. Today was the day I had to, somehow, make space for Christmas. Continue reading


A ski lift, some ponies and an Eddie the Eagle mini figure

Meccano MultisetWith the a huge push to finish Ciggys body work in full flow and the need to utilise every available dry warm day to strip and paint the remaining ‘weather sensitive’ sections, we haven’t been able to take the Mudlets anywhere so far this summer and this sits heavy with Mud. He likes to try and take them to interesting places, to pack a picnic and let them spend their pocket money savings in a gift shop somewhere. Creating the sort of memories that last a lifetime and so it should have come as no surprise to me, when he and Little Mudlet returned from a parts run to A&P, calling in at Toys R Us on the way past. Continue reading