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Halloween – shockingly quiet

Marshmallow spiders - my kind of arachnid

Marshmallow spiders – my kind of arachnid

By the time the younger Mudlets and I left the house to go trick or treating this Halloween, it had been dark for just over an hour and yet we had only had one set of callers. This was great news for the girls who were delighted at the prospect of loads of left over sweets, not to mention my marshmallow spiders but not so good for Mud, who wasn’t looking forward to the prospect of hoards of trick or treaters calling after we had left. Continue reading



The Zombie, the Witch, the Vampire and a Werewolf

Pumpkins with candles: Little Mudlets (left), Eldest Mudlets (centre) and Middle Mudlets with the tall eyes.

Pumpkins with candles: Little Mudlets’ (left), Eldest Mudlets’ (centre) and Middle Mudlets’ with the tall eyes.

It was remarkably mild this Hallowe’en which made the trudge around the village knocking on peoples doors that little bit more pleasant and the Mudlets were able to do the whole thing without either wrapping up so tight they could have been mistaken for Carol Singers, or shivering in their flimsy Hallowe’en costumes (although they usually have layers underneath the costumes as well). This year they were joined by one of their friends who was wearing a werewolf costume and Eldest Mudlet who dressed up as a Zombie. The friends mum and I also went with them and it was a pleasant evening all round.

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Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere and little children dressed to scare!

A haunted house according to Middle Mudlet

A haunted house according to Middle Mudlet

Yesterday was a busy day with a house to prepare for Halloween callers, pumpkins to carve and then Trick or Treating with the Mudlets and one of their friends.

Thinking ahead, I had already removed the seeds and stringy bits from the pumpkins the night before and yesterday morning I had washed, dried, oiled, seasoned and then roasted the huge mound of seeds that we had been left with. Each Mudlet had a bag of them added to their pack-ups instead of crisps and Little Mudlet wasn’t over keen, although she did eat quite a few, but Middle Mudlet really enjoyed them, commenting that they tasted like popcorn. Continue reading