The Land Rover Owners Ex Wife

……becoming me again

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Gardener or sympathetic wife? Which shall I choose …………

I always love the smell and look of the garden after rainfall. It is so fresh and lush looking, especially following a prolonged dry spell. Virtually overnight, the lawn has changed from a dull, lack lustre green/brown to a wonderful fresh green colour and the blackbirds are having a wonderful breakfast consisting wholly it seems, of fat, juicy worms.

Improved levels in Victorian WellThe drooping leaves of the spring flowers have perked up and the well has risen by 2 house brick depths overnight. Unfortunately, the millions of seeds that have fallen from one of the neighbours trees have also utilised the rain and as I look around my vegetable beds, I can see a carpet of green seedlings, none of which I have sown, but which I will now have to spend an hour or so pulling up. Continue reading