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A not so relaxing walk

The long and icy path

The long and icy path

I posted last week about how, over the last three weeks or so, I have been walking my way back to a level of fitness in readiness for getting back on my bike. On the whole these walks have been invigorating and I can already feel and see the difference they are making. Continue reading

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Walking back to cycling

My trusty steed.

My trusty steed.

You may remember back in May last year Mud bought me a bicycle. In fact during April/May he bought bicycles for Middle Mudlet and Little Mudlet, for their birthdays (Little Mudlets’ was a very, very early birthday present but it meant she could use it during the Summer) and for himself. The idea was that we would be able to go for bike rides as a family and that Mud and I could go on additional rides to get fit. By the start of the summer holidays I was in the habit of taking myself off on a bike ride three mornings a week, after dropping the girls at school. Continue reading


Three Mudlets, a walk and Annie does it again

The sun wouldn't shine on Annies success

I had hoped to take a picture of Annie basking in her success (and the sun) but the rain stopped play.

As I walked backed into the kitchen last Saturday morning, the two youngest Mudlets greeted me with a level of semi interest brought on by the hope that my bag may contain more than a newly purchased box of painkillers. The need for painkillers, had been the reason given for why I had popped out but this still didn’t stop the girls from hoping that sweets or chocolate might have found their way in to my bag. Continue reading