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Knitting in a Land Rover

Keeping dry(ish): knitting in the Land Rover.

Keeping dry(ish): knitting in the Land Rover.

August Bank Holiday Monday dawned and, what a surprise (not), it was raining. To be fair we weren’t in much of a position to complain because for most of the previous week, the weather had worked in our favour, with sunshine during the day and what rain we got, occurring, for the most part, overnight. Mud had been able to get a whole raft of jobs on our Series 3 Land Rover done and I had been spared hours of watering duties. Continue reading



Chickens by proxy again

A des res for the chickens

A des res for the chickens

The Mudlets and I have been chicken sitting again but this time for much longer. Having looked after a friends three chickens for long weekends, several times over the last few months, we were more than happy to take on the responsibility for two weeks whilst our friends disappeared off for a well earned camping holiday. Popping over a few days before they were due to depart for a recap on feeding etc, we discovered that the chicken coop/run had received somewhat of a makeover and they now had more than twice as much space in which to strut their stuff. Continue reading


After the storm

Sunshine, rain and lightning, make for happy plants.

Sunshine, rain and lightning, make for happy plants.

In the wee small hours of this morning, I found myself cuddling my terrified little girls, as a fierce and unusual storm, raged around us. Little Mudlet was literally shaking like a blancmange, whilst her older sister was curled up with her eyes squeezed tightly shut and fingers wedged firmly in her ears. I could hear torrential rain pummeling my garden, aided and abetted by the wind, and I wondered what I would find in the cold light of day. Continue reading


Raindrops keep falling on my head …….

The view from my summer kitchen 'window'

The view from my summer kitchen ‘window’

Cooking at Mudville has always proved somewhat of challenge. For nine months of the year, late autumn to early spring, meals are cooked on the solid fuel, very temperamental Rayburn and it can often take several hours to boil a pan of water for the vegetables, with a further half a day to bring the water back to the boil once the vegetables have been added. Well okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it isn’t unheard of for an entire meal to be delayed by an hour or more because the vegetables aren’t ready yet!

Continue reading


How green is my garden?

Well it wouldn't have been polite to turn down a free gift ....

Well it wouldn’t have been polite to turn down a free gift ….

Rain is a magical thing when it comes to gardens. In my experience, hours of work with a hose pipe or watering can will keep your plants healthy and growing but you can’t replicate the response you get following a good downpour. Plants obviously play favourites and there is something about rain that causes the most startling transformation from a green garden to a GREEN garden. Oh and let’s not ignore the inches of growth they seem to put on following a lengthy bout of rain, growth not even the most effective of plant foods can generate.

Rain is definitely magical when it comes to gardens! Continue reading

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A brrrrracing walk

The view from the path behind the Cleethorpes Leisure Centre

The view from the path behind the Cleethorpes Leisure Center

That’s what Mud said we all needed, as we relaxed in front of the toasty warm log burner on Saturday evening. A horrified glance passed between Eldest Mudlet and I as the younger Mudlets, with all the enthusiasm of youth and no thought for windchill factors or the fact that it is the end of November, gleefully agreed to daddys’ plan of a breakfast out followed by a bracing walk along Cleethorpes sea front on Sunday morning.

Eldest Mudlet had come home for some much needed mummy time following a split with her boyfriend of three years and had been happily contemplating a night out with friends when Mud had made his announcement and she certainly hadn’t come prepared for an excursion along Cleethorpes sea front which, trust me, this late on in the year is akin to an arctic exhibition. Continue reading


It’s raining, it’s pouring

The mangetout, leeks and strawberry plants look happy in the sunshine

The mangetout, leeks and strawberry plants look happy in the sunshine

“I don’t believe it,” was Muds’ exasperated out cry this morning as, sounding more like Victor Meldrew than ever before, he surveyed the garden this morning!!! “It was glorious sunshine when I got up this morning and now it’s flipping raining! Again!”

Actually, ‘raining’ isn’t quite the right word to use to describe the torrential downpours that seem to be happening every 20 minutes or so but it is definitely raining on Muds’ parade , well his truck cab refurb’ to be exact, and he isn’t happy. Continue reading