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Finding the flowers.

It will be worth the soon to be aching muscles.

There is a flower bed outside and just across from, our back door. I KNOW it’s a flower bed because over the years I have planted out and sown seeds for a whole variety of species, from campanulas to wildflowers, lupins to forget-me-knots and yet, with the exception of the straggly looking Buddleia which I grew from seed a few years ago, up until this morning, you could have been forgiven to thinking that this bed was nothing but a weed patch. Continue reading


Stickyweed and other nuisances

Between them, the girls did a grand job.

Between them, the girls did a grand job.

As a child, stickyweed (aka Goosegrass, Clivers, Catchweed and Robin-run-the-hedge to name but a few) was a delight to behold and provided hours of fun for my friends and I, as we each tried to cover our companions with the stuff, inadvertently transporting dozens of the sticky balls (seeds) to areas hitherto uninhabited by stickyweed and no doubt creating infestations of nightmarish proportions for the gardeners of the time. Picking the tiny little balls off our clothes and discarding them wherever we happened to be, was a necessity, if we wanted to prevent an exasperated outburst of “Look at the state of you! What have you been doing?” from our respective mothers. Continue reading


I’ll just have a coffee first, then I’ll start …..

Waiting for dinner, one very scruffy looking robin.

Waiting for dinner, one very scruffy looking robin.

Every day for the past three or four weeks, I have walked past the flower bed outside the back door and thought to myself “Really need to get that weeded and the flowers planted out” and then almost immediately followed that thought with “I’ll just have a coffee first.”

So the weeds got left and each time I looked at the bed I knew that it was going to be that bit harder to clear it. Part of the problem was that I knew the grass, creeping ivy, ground elder and other such tenacious bullies were going to put up a bit of a fight and by the end of the day I would be sore, so very sore and I really, really don’t like pain and don’t relish the thought of inflicting it upon myself. Continue reading