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Bubble wrapping the greenhouse

Getting the tubs off the cold, damp ground

Getting the tubs off the cold, damp ground

With the growhouses purchased for the outside section of my Winter garden, I turned my attention to the insulating of the little greenhouse which is to be home to a cauliflower, cabbage, two tubs of carrots, a tub of strawberry plants which are still trying to fruit and some of Muds’ herbs, over winter. I may even try to over winter some of this years chilli plants but as my attempts to do this with last years plants failed, I’m not holding my breath.

I had already begun to Winterfy the greenhouse by upturning some of the left over wooden crates and placing some of the ubiquitous black shelves we happen to have lying about the place, on top and then standing the tubs on these, thereby lifting them out of the draughts and off what will soon become a damp, cold and potentially frozen concrete base. Continue reading


Camping for plants

Snug as a bug - camping for plants

Snug as a bug – camping for plants

You may well remember that Mud had promised to build me two mini polytunnels to cover the longest of my vegetable beds, as we already had some timber that could be reused and a roll of polythene. However, after measuring the bed which is 6m by 1m, he decided that we didn’t really have enough polythene and that it may be easier in the long run and more effective over all, to look at the ready made alternatives available in the local garden center.

So a couple of weeks ago and armed with a note book and pen, I paid a visit to the garden center to see what they had and if there was anything suitable for our needs. Continue reading


Feeding, clearing and weeding: preparing the beds for winter (part 1)

Most of the beds are still occupied

Most of the beds are still occupied but some plants like the pumpkin vine shown in this picture, have now been composted

As I opened the front door to collect the Mudlets from school,  one afternoon last week, I almost fell into the bag of well rotted horse/cow manure that a horse owning friend had kindly deposited on the drive.

“I left you a present,” she told me a few minutes later as I walked onto the playground, “Did you see it?” Continue reading