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Baby boom – one for the baby girls


It seems that there is quite a baby boom going on around here at the moment, with two of the four teachers in school both expecting (1 baby boy and 1 baby girl) within weeks of each other, one of the mums due any day (another little girl) and one of the neighbours  with a brand new baby girl.Baby jacket

I love knitting baby clothes – they are beautiful, cute and so quick to knit and so I rummaged through my wools and patterns, got out my needles and on Tuesday night, whilst Mud was surfing the net, I made a start on a baby jacket. I can’t remember the make of the wool I used but I believe it was  described as a ‘marble’ effect baby wool. The needles were size 3.25mm and 4mm and the pattern was Sirdar 1802.

Baby jacket

The finished pieces before I put them together to see what the jacket would look like.

The baby that this particular little jacket is for is due in June and so I decided to do the little short sleeve version. Once all the pieces were finished I laid them out to get a feel for how the finished garment would look like. Realising I had put the sleeves against the body the wrong way round, I changed them over but, oddly enough, that one action changed the entire look of the jacket and I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as I did with them in the wrong position: the wrongly positioned sleeves gave an almost ‘tiny wings’ feel to the sleeves whereas in the correct position the sleeves were just, well sleeves and so I changed them back and sowed them in in the ‘wrong’ position.

I did wonder about my decision but I really do like the look of the jacket now and can just imagine it over a little baby all-in-one or long sleeve top. I hope you like it.Baby jacket

5 thoughts on “Baby boom – one for the baby girls

  1. That is lovely! Lucky baby 😃 I’ve knitted that pattern twice & loved it.

    • Thanks Claire. I might do the larger size for my 6 year old later in the year but with the long sleeves. If truth be told, I prefer knitting long sleeves, as I’m never convinced that short sleeves look right, if that makes any sense at all. I’m still not 100% convinced about my choice with the sleeves on this jacket and very nearly decided to take them out and reattach them but I do like the ‘wing’ affect.

      • I’ll see if I can find my versions of it & post it on my blog. I think I’ve done short sleeves both times. I like knitting short sleeves because I have an antipathy to sleeve knitting at the best of times….

  2. Lol – my heart sinks when Mud gets to ebay “Look darling that one is only 10 miles away” or “That’s a bit of bargain that one there” or “Oh look – a cute little series 1. You always wanted one of those – could be a bit of a bargain!” 😀

    Thanks for the kind comments about the jacket. Funny though as you say you can’t knit but can do needlepoint (needlepoint is never simple in my opinion) and I can’t sew to save my life but always wanted to learn!

  3. You are so clever, that baby jacket is beautiful! I wish I could knit, it must be very fulfilling, I sometimes do a bit of very simple needlepoint but knitting is beyond me as yet! I like the mental picture of you knitting in the evening, while Mud surfs the net, sounds like our house, my other half relaxes by looking at landrover parts on ebay!

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