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20210409-fitness-tracker-1It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a couch potato is not going to turn into an 11k steps per day, every day, for three months, athlete over night and, let’s be brutally honest, any attempt to prove otherwise will not be pretty and will probably result in a trip to hospital in the back of an ambulance, under blue lights, attached to a heart monitor!

No! Although completing the One Million Steps Challenge is my end goal, I will need to be reasonably fit before I start the challenge, if I am to stand any chance of succeeding.

Today I took delivery of a fitness tracker band – nothing fancy, just a basic one which will measure steps taken, heart beat, blood oxygen levels, calories used and monitor my sleep pattern. I’m fairly sure I’m not getting enough sleep, or my sleep is disturbed, because most days I seem to be waking up more tired than when I went to bed……it will be interesting to see what the data shows.

And then a post about the Parkrun’s 8 week Parkwalk event, dropped into my Facebook feed and suddenly I found myself with a program that should, if I follow it properly, ensure that I am fit enough for the One Million Step Challenge, with a few weeks to spare. Week one involves walking at an easy pace for 15 minutes every other day.

So dear readers I thought I was all set to start my walk back to fitness tomorrow (Saturday 10th April, 2021) but as I was walking to the shop earlier today, I cockled over because of a sizeable pot hole in the path. This pot hole was so deep in fact, that I am sure I could make out the faint outline of the Sidney Opera House, not to mention the odd kangeroo and koala bear at the other end. I ended up falling in spectacular fashion, as my ankle twisted and I hobbled home in some discomfort and have been nursing a tender, slightly swollen and aching ankle for the rest of the day.

I have everything crossed that a good nights sleep will help and I will still attempt to do the first 15 minutes of the Parkwalk schedule, as it calls for an easy pace and even with a sore ankle, I think I can do that.



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