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Out to the greenhouse

No room at this inn ……

With the warm and sunny weather continuing throughout this week and the seedlings in the propagators quickly outgrowing their nursery conditions, I made the decision to start moving the plants into the greenhouse and have been steadily potting them on, one tray at a time, and already the larger greenhouse is almost full. Mud has informed me more than once that we will no doubt find ourselves in the midst of another freezing cold spell in a day or two but, as Middle Mudlet was happy to point out, that’s what horticultural fleece is for and we have enough to provide protection for everything in the greenhouses. Continue reading


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Middle Mudlets’ garden.

Hard at work clearing her patch of garden

Middle Mudlet is really excited about having her own patch of garden to cultivate. She has her sights set on the young gardener platter at the local garden show in August and is nothing if not determined. For my part, if it gets her out of the house more than usual, I’ll be extremely happy. Continue reading

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Gardening outside ……. finally!

Time for some tidying and sorting

Sunshine and warmth has finally returned to Mudville (in the short term at least), so Middle Mudlet and I have made a start on getting the beds ready, potatoes planted and parsnip and carrot seeds sown. Continue reading

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Seed to seedlings – a new variety

Atlantic Giant seedlings

It’s been a while since I did a seed to seedling post because, knowing my soil and space limitations, I tend to grow pretty much the same sort of thing. This year however, we’re growing a variety new to Mudville, the Asparagus Pea, and so I’ll be plotting their progress throughout the year and hopefully we’ll have a wonderful new vegetable to try in a few months time. Continue reading

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Asparagus Pea

This is a record of how long this particular set of seeds took to germinate and how they looked at various stages from first appearance to the development of the first set of true leaves and beyond. I hope this will prove useful.

Variety: Asparagus Pea
Sown direct: 2nd April 2018
First Seedling: 8th April 2018
Germination: 6 days
Germination ratio: 2/10 Continue reading

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And then there was greenery …..

And there I saw a spike of green …..

Yesterday, the Mudlets were excited to see that in three of the four propagators we planted up last week, there are signs of life. Radish and mixed lettuce have appeared in the green propagator. Mangetout, climbing beans and a runners are popping up in one of the black propagators and mixed winter squash are peeking out in a second black propagator. Still no signs of life in the third black propagator which is home to pumpkins and another winter squash variety, or in Little Mudlets rose tin but Middle Mudlet has emerging seedlings in her tin of Gerbera. I don’t realistically expect the roses to appear for at lest another seven days, though, so all is well. Continue reading

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Christmas Tree seedlings – an update

Christmas Trees

A bit of a mixed story in terms of success for the Mudlets’ Christmas tree. Initially things were looking very promising with Middle Mudlets’ pod producing three seedlings and a further two germinating in Little Mudlets’ pot. However, Little Mudlets’ seedlings were never as big as her sisters and, one by one, over the course of a few days they wilted before eventually dying off. Continue reading


Seeds, seedlings and a tin of Red Roses

I fell for the ‘Scardy Cat’ label

Every year there comes a point where every available windowsill in the house is home to seeds and/or seedlings because I need to get on with this years crops but it is far too cold to be setting seed in the greenhouses and if I wait any longer then many of the vegetables won’t be ready before the growing season comes to an end. Continue reading


It’s Spring …..

Potted up and ready for covering up

…… but I’m not going to shout too loud because I don’t want Winter to hear and come to see what all the fuss is about. So in a quiet voice I will say that today has been a beautiful sunny and warm day, the sort of day that hints at the promise of things to come but gardeners view with a cautious expectation and excitement. That said, as yet we’re a few weeks away from being frost free, and Mud, in his inimitable Victor Meldrew fashion, keeps saying that all the weather models are predicting another bout of cold and there could even be snow at Easter, so I’ll be lucky to grow anything this year and is it really worth it?  Continue reading

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Saplings and seeds

Twins – they look like miniature Palm Trees at this stage

Not entirely sure when a seedling tree becomes a sapling but I like a bit of alliteration in my titles and so ‘Saplings and Seeds’ it is. We have no less than three Christmas Tree babies but oddly enough and to the fascination and wonder of the younger Mudlets, they look remarkably like tiny palm trees. Middle Mudlet has two trees from her pod, both of which are standing straight and proud, and Little Mudlet has one which appears to be a day or two behind Middle Mudlets’ in terms of germination and growth. Both girls are thrilled to pieces and can’t wait for the babies to be big enough to plant on, although they are in big pots already, so it may be that we end up carefully replacing some of the seed compost with fresh all purpose compost in a week or two. I’m going to ask the advice of another blogger who I’ve been following for a year or two and who just happens to live on a farm that, amongst other things, grows Christmas Trees. Continue reading