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A-Z Seeds to Seedlings

This page is simply an alphabetical list of all the seeds I have covered in the ‘…on seeds to seedlings’ category. Click on the vegetable/seeds you want to read about to access the appropriate page:

Beetroot, Sanguina* (2014) (failed)

Broad Bean, Bunyards Exhibition (2013)

Broccoli, Green Sprouting  (2013/2014) (failed)

Cabbage, Winter Jewel (2014) (failed)

Carrot, Early Nantes (2013)

Carrot, Giant Red* (direct sown) (2013)

Carrot, Touchon* (2014)

Chilli, Cayenne (2013)

Chilli, Cayenne (from saved seed) (2014)

Chilli, Little Elf (2013/2014)

Chilli, Ohnivec* (2014)

Chilli, Patio Variety (2013)

Chilli, Patio Variety (from saved seed) (2014)

Courgette, All Green Bush (2014) (failed)

Cucumber, Early Fortune* (2014)

Cucumber, Wautoma* (2013)

Leek, Autumn Giant (2013)

Leek, Bleu de Solaise* (Blue, winter) (2014)

Leek, Jaune de Poitou* (Yellow, early) (2014)

Lettuce, Lollo Rosso (2013)

Lettuce, Moretons Secret Mix* (2013)

Lettuce, Moretons Secret Mix* (direct sown, 2014)

Lettuce, Really Red Deer Tongue* (2014)

Mangetout, Bijou* (2014, not impressed)

Mangetout, Golden Sweet* (2014)

Mangetout, Oregon Sugar Pod (2013)

Mangetout, Oregon Sugar Pod (2014) didn’t have time to mature

Parsnip, Tender and True* (2014)

Pea, Asparagus (2018)

Pole Bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears* (2013)

Pole Bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears (saved seed, 2014)

Potatoes, Albert Bartlette (main crop) (2014)

Potatoes, Duke of York (first earlies) (2014)

Potatoes, Kind Edward (main crop) (2013)

Pumpkin, Big Max (2014, failed)

Pumpkin, Cheyenne Bush* (2013, failed)

Pumpkin, Cheyenne Bush* (2014) poor performance

Radicchio (2014) (failed)

Rocket Sprint (saved seed) (2014)

Runner Bean, Czar* (2013)

Runner Bean, Czar (saved seed, 2014)

Sweet Corn, Special Swiss* (2014)

Potato Leaf tomato varieties:

Tomato, Stupice* (2014)

Regular Leaf tomato varieties:

Tomato, Amish Paste (2014)

Tomato, Chocolate Cherry* (2014)

Tomato, Gardeners Delight (2013)

Winter Squash, Galeuse D’Eysines* (2014) (failed poor year for squash of all types)

Winter Squash, Hokkaido* (2014) (failed)

Winter Squash, Hubbard Anne Swartz* (2013)


* Seeds from the Real Seed Catalogue (


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