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Squash and Pumpkin weights (update):


My squashes are used as part of our Halloween display

My squashes are used as part of our Halloween display

I was really rather taken aback at the size one of my Anna Swartz Hubbard Squashes reached. I’ve never grown this variety before and I have managed to grow two of them, across two different plants and, to be honest, other than the colour they look nothing like each other really which was surprising to say the least.

However, I love growing squash and pumpkins (bet you hadn’t figured that one out :D), in fact I would say that squash and pumpkins are to me what yarn is to a fellow blogger Claire. I squeeze as many as I can into whatever space there may be and try to grow two or three different winter squash varieties, plus a pumpkin each year.

The squashes are not allowed to be eaten before October 31st as they form an important part of our Halloween display in the hallway and add a certain spooky charm to proceedings I think. This picture is one of my all time favourites and you can see Winter Festivals and Cobnuts hidden in the shadows.

Oddly enough Summer squash don’t hold the same fascination but there is something about the Winter Squash and Pumpkin family that is addictive, I couldn’t tell you what it is exactly but they’re just fun to grow and delicious to eat ….. well maybe not pumpkin so much, unless you add loads and loads of flavours to it …… or put it into a pastry case with sugar, cinnamon and condensed milk, bake it and, serve it with cream. Yup, definitely much nicer like that šŸ™‚

But back to the point of this post (and yes it does have one) and that is to record the details of the very few pumpkins/squashes I have grown this year, as I harvest them:

Anna Swartz Hubbard Squash number 1:

Squash Anna Swartz Hubbard

Squash Anna Swartz Hubbard

Vital stats are as follows:

Weight: 3lb 14.2oz or 1762g

Length: 27cm

Girth around the widest part: 49.5cm

Anna Swartz Hubbard Squash number 2:

This morning (September 8th) during my usual check on the inhabitants of my garden, I discovered that the second of the Hubbard Squashes had detached itself from the vine and so I brought it in, did all the measurements, took a picture and here it is – as I said, it doesn’t look that much like the first one!

Squash Anna Swartz Hubbard

Squash Anna Swartz Hubbard

Vital stats are as follows:

Weight: 3lb 9.6oz or 1633g

Length: 22.5cm

Girth around the widest part: 47cm

Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin number 1:

Yesterday, Sunday 22nd September and I had to bring the largest of the two pumpkins in, as the vine had pretty much died back. There is still a second, smaller pumpkin on another plant but neither could be considered record breakers and we will probably supplement these with a larger, shop bought pumpkin when it comes to Halloween lanterns.

Pumpkin Cheyenne Bush

Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin

Vital stats are as follows:

Weight: 2lb 7.4oz or 1118g

Length: 17.5cm

Girth around the widest part: 44cm


10 thoughts on “Squash and Pumpkin weights (update):

  1. Those are very impressive!!!

  2. Hahaha – though if you take it to its logical conclusion I’d have some alpacas in the back garden. I didn’t suggest getting one once and Damon said No in the tone of voice that suggested a man who had willing accepted dogs, rabbits, yarn, a crazy in law family and being made to do exactly 50% of the household chores, was about to cross a line. As I didn’t really want one I didn’t push it….
    Your squash is impressive btw

  3. I’ve never managed to grow decent pumpkins or squashes. Always a huge disappointment to my daughter!

  4. This is the first year that I’ve grown pumpkins and I am totally hooked. I shall be squeezing the little darlings into every available space next year. Loving your Anna Swartz!

    • It’s a very impressive looking squash but is absolutely nothing like the other one we have but that’s one of the things I love about them – you never quite know what you’re going to end up with šŸ™‚

      Also, some of the smaller squash/pumpkin varieties can be grown upwards (my cobnuts and butternuts always are) which means you can squeeze even more in šŸ˜‰ x

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