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Purple jumper dress with rose trellis hem pattern – finished and modelled

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She loves the single pink rose on one sleeve.

Well it took me a bit longer than I anticipated to get Little Mudlets’ jumper dress finished off but I finally found the time to settle down with my sewing needle and tackle the job of setting sleeves, sewing hems and tidying all the loose ends away.

Having used two additional colours to create the pattern there were rather a lot of loose ends to sew in, especially as I had split the pink yarn into four smaller balls which were joined on at the start of each of the rose columns and then snipped off at the end of the columns. As the green was worked across the width of the trellis pattern panel, I had kept that as one ball of yarn.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this dress and I am really, really happy with how well sited the cable band is in relation to Little Mudlets’ waist (she is a slight little thing) and she is absolutely delighted with her new jumper dress, although I am tempted to call it a tunic rather than a dress. The colours have worked really well and she loves having one sleeve plain and the other with a single pink rose on it.

Now I’m going to go raid my yarn stash and see what I have available and then see if I can’t find a project to suit.

Many thanks to twisted angle for putting the PDF for the Rose Trellis on their site as a free download. The chart was so easy to follow and created a truly wonderful design.

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