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Eldest Mudlet models her top


Boxy Sweater Eldest Mudlet and her boyfriend came home the other day for a belated family celebration of her birthday. Presents and a cake awaited her and Mud had planned a veritable feast for her birthday tea. Every Chirstmas and birthday for the last three years or so, I have knitted her something special to wear, for which she has always been incredibly appreciative but the present giving is a time when I worry that I’ve made a terrible mistake and she wont like my latest creation. So far, she’s loved them all.

Boxy Sweater For this birthday I had made something a little more retro (post here) and although she had chosen the colour of the yarn (she picked several she liked and I decided which colour to use), I was still a little uncertain about the style, especially as it didn’t look as nice laid out on a table, as it did in the pattern picture. I needn’t have worried though because once again Eldest Mudlet proclaimed that she loved it and when she tried it on, it really came into its’ own and looked absolutely beautiful…… even if I do say so myself.

Boxy Sweater With the gifts out of the way, I was able to concentrate on the rest of the day and even got a couple of hours peace, as my first born and her boyfriend took the two younger girls out for a very long walk, working up an appetite on the way.

We sat down to a laden table, after Mud finished work for the day, and the meal was concluded with the blowing out of the candles on the birthday cake – a sumptuous, rich chocolate sponge, filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate but not just any old ordinary cooking chocolate! Oh no, Mud had bought Green and Blacks Organic cooking milk chocolate and it was gorgeous. You really do get what you pay for and from now on I know which cooking chocolate I’ll be buying and won’t be Supermarket own brand that’s for sure!


3 thoughts on “Eldest Mudlet models her top

  1. You have done a great job, it is a stunning top

  2. That knitted top is absolutely gorgeous. Not surprised she likes it! I have hair envy by the way. I always wanted thick blond swishy hair!

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