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What’s Orange, Black and White?

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That’s what the Mudlets have been asking me, as my latest knitting project began to take shape, section by section …… well when I say shape, I mean the flat pieces were finished and put to one side ready for finishing once all the separate pieces were knitted up but there wasn’t any real clue as to what the final shape would be. 

“Is it for me?” asked Little Mudlet when I started to make the first piece. She is next in line for a garment when I have finished this little project. I’ve found a lovely little pattern chart to add to the plain stocking stitch jumper dress pattern that she is fond of.

“Is it a jumper for my bear?” asked Middle Mudlet which wasn’t as odd as you might think because when I had finished her blue snowflake jumper in 2015, I made a little jumper for her bear from the left over yarn but I reversed the colours, so the light blue was the main colour and the dark was the contrast.

On and on they went and to each query my answer was the same, nope! That isn’t it!

“She isn’t going to tell us even if we guess correctly,” a frustrated Little Mudlet said to her sister after 5 minutes of guessing.

I smile to myself and carried on with my knitting.

So what is it? What is orange, white and black?

Well here are the pieces so far and I’m pretty sure most of you will be able to guess what the mystery object is but for now I’m keeping the final creation a secret from the girls.


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